The versatility of Borregaard LignoTech’s lignin-based products is reflected in their use as cost-effective additives for industrial cleaning to disperse dirt particles, in water treatment formulations to reduce the fouling of cooling water as well as a low cost conditioning agent for boiler water sludges.

Within these applications, our products can perform a variety of functions including: dispersing, inhibition of crystal growth and scale deposition, sequestering/complexing, metasbisulphite de-characterisation and de-rusting.

Borregaard LignoTech’s products are stable and functional over a broad pH and temperature range. They enhance the metal cleaning and water treatment abilities of other components typically present in these types of formulations and are compatible with sodium citrate, gluconates, EDTA, NTA, and triethanolamine.


Due to their ability to function as dispersants as well as complexing agents, our products are useful in a variety of cleaning formulations/systems, such as:

  • Dispersant/sequestering agents in industrial cleaning, boiler water and cooling tower applications
  • Inhibition of scale deposition in boiler tubes, feed lines and economisers
  • Sludge conditioner in boiler feed and cooling tower water treatment
  • Alkaline soak tanks (increased bath life)
  • De-rusting and de-scaling formulations
  • Aluminium etching and cleaning compounds
  • Electrolytic cleaners
  • Paint and enamel strippers
  • De-characterisation of metabisulphite


The following LignoTech products are recommended:

Borresperse NA